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Date: Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 8:29 PM
Subject: [jewishadvocates] A Kiddush Hashem but from a non-frum source.
To: jewishadvocates@yahoogroups.com, Rabbi Yankie Horowitz <yhdarchei@gmail.com>, Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel <dzwiebel@agudathisrael.org>

This editorial is a real Kiddush Hashem. When will our "frum" newspapers take similar stances about known rabbinic molesters? When will our "frum" leadership be stand up for truth, integrity, compassion and responsibility. Reb Shmuel Auerbach told my father's friend that "Yashrus" as an ideal, practically does not exist in the charedi world today. How can we bring it back? What will it take?

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Case of Stephen Colmer

(AKA: Dovid Cohen, Steven Colmer, Steve Colmber)

Brooklyn, NY

Passaic, NJ

Jerusalem, Israel

If you know of a child who was sexually victimized by Stephen Colmer or anyone one else in Brooklyn, please contact: CAMBA: Rape Crisis Services. All services are free and confidential

Phone: (718) 282-5575 24 Hour Hotline: (800) 310-2449

Indicted on charges of child sexual abuse. Stephen Colmer attempted to escape facing criminal charges in Brooklyn by moving to Israel. Colmer was arrested in Israel on June 14, 2007, on a provisional arrest warrant. He is currently in custody awaiting extradition back to New York.

On Sunday, November 11, 2007 the Jerusalem District Court decided to extradite Steven Colmer.

The allegations being made include an event in which Stephen Colmer had a group of children ages seven - ten in his home over the shabbat (sabbath). The reports state that he performed oral sex on several of the children.

On June 23, 2006, family members of the children went to Rabbi Rosenbloom and asked him if they should go to the police. Rabbi Yosef Rosenbloom allegedly said they should not tell anyone about the offenses.

The Awareness Center was told that Rabbi Laser Ginsberg was aware of the allegations made against Colmer, yet allowed him to enter into his synagogue unescorted -- endangering the safety of other children.

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shalom reb moshe

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Date: Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 7:32 PM
Subject: [jewishadvocates] Fwd: Baltimore Jewish Times
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Date: Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 7:24 PM
Subject: Baltimore Jewish Times
To: lipnera@gmail.com

Here is an item of interest from the Baltimore Jewish Times:

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Date: Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 7:33 PM
Subject: [jewishadvocates] Fwd: Baltimore Jewish Times
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Date: Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 7:25 PM
Subject: Baltimore Jewish Times
To: lipnera@gmail.com

Here is an item of interest from the Baltimore Jewish Times:


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From: Vicki Polin <vickipolin@aol.com>

Date: Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 6:12 PM

Subject: [jewishadvocates] (MD) Case of Rabbi Jacob Max - Public Roll For Convicted Sex Offender?

To: * TheAwarenessCenter- Yahoo <TheAwarenessCenter@yahoogroups.com>


Public Role For Rabbi Jacob A. Max Still Unknown


In the wake of his recent conviction, Rabbi Jacob Max’s pastoral services and practices remain in limbo.



Alan H. Feiler and Phil Jacobs


Baltimore Jewish Times - June 25, 2009





For more information on this case go to:  http://www.theawarenesscenter.org/Max_Jacob.html


It has been more than two months since Rabbi Jacob Aaron Max was convicted in Baltimore County District Court of sexual offense in the fourth degree and second-degree assault for the molestation of a former Sol Levinson & Bros. funeral home employee last December.


But the rabbi’s role, stature and legacy in the local Jewish community, after more than a half-century in the public eye, remain a question mark and a nagging concern.


An Upper Park Heights resident and Ner Israel Rabbinical College graduate, Rabbi Max, 85, is the rabbi emeritus of Moses Montefiore Anshe Emunah Hebrew Congregation, also known as Liberty Jewish Center. Even though he pleaded not guilty at his district court trial April 13, the rabbi decided last month not to appeal Judge Nancy Purpura’s conviction of one year’s sentence of suspended incarceration and unsupervised probation.


Rabbi Max, who did not return a phone call earlier this week from the BALTIMORE JEWISH TIMES, has retired from conducting funeral services, according to sources. In addition, the day before a spring meeting of the Baltimore Board of Rabbis, Rabbi Max sent a letter of resignation to the group, according to Rabbi Michael Meyerstein, executive director of the organization.


The board was slated to discuss and vote on the expulsion of Rabbi Max from the organization, to which he belonged for decades, because of his conviction.


“We were prepared to take the vote, and there was only one way the vote could go,” said Temple Oheb Shalom’s Rabbi Steven M. Fink, president of the board. “This is just really sad, tragic. He’s a man who has done so much good in this community and so many bad things to so many people.”


At Liberty Jewish Center, 7000 Rockland Hills Drive in the Greengate neighborhood, a polished stone marker at the parking lot’s entrance still designates the area as “The Rabbi Jacob A. Max Torah Campus,” even with the rabbi’s conviction.


One of Rabbi Max’s alleged victims recently told the JEWISH TIMES that “since I live near Liberty Jewish Center, I have to pass that rock all of the time, and having it there has a way of triggering [difficult memories for] me.”


Robert Meyerson, the synagogue’s president, told the JEWISH TIMES last week that the congregation’s board of directors will vote this Sunday, June 28, on the status of Liberty Jewish Center’s long-time relationship with Rabbi Max, including the campus’ name. He said the board will make recommendations to the synagogue’s executive board for final approval.


Mr. Meyerson described the situation as “very awkward,” considering Rabbi Max’s prominent role and many contributions to the congregation since the early 1950s.


One Liberty Jewish Center congregant, speaking off the record, described the situation with the rabbi, who retired from the synagogue seven years ago, as “very, very difficult. We’ve had executive board meetings until you’re nauseous. The agenda is to make a final recommendation. It’s a horrible, painful situation.”


At other venues around the community in which Rabbi Max has participated, there also is some level of question about the status of his rabbinic practices.


At Pikesville’s Milford Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center — where Rabbi Max has overseen kashrut supervision and provided counseling and classes to residents — administrator Gary D. Raffel said he would rather not comment on the rabbi’s status there, only that it is being looked at “case by case.” In other words, he said if a family wants Rabbi Max to offer services to a loved one, that matter would be considered by the center.


At the historic Shaarei Tfiloh Congregation near Druid Hill Park, where Rabbi Max has co-officiated at annual High Holiday services with other clergy members for several years, the congregation’s leadership has not yet decided if he will continue that function this fall.


Rabbi Fink said individuals and organizations should feel some rachmones, compassion, for Rabbi Max.


“He’s obviously an ill man and has been for many years,” he said. “But we also have to have rachmones for his victims. It was not just one victim but many women who have come forth about him being inappropriate with them.”


When asked if Rabbi Max could perform teshuvah, repentance, for his actions, Rabbi Fink said the first step would be a public admission of guilt.


“Do you cut out someone from your family if they’re ill? He’s part of our family, so we want him to get treatment,” Rabbi Fink said. “But we should limit contact with him until he’s well. Women would be ill-advised to spend time with him. I’d encourage him to go through treatment to deal with his illness.”



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From: asher lipner <lipnera@gmail.com>

Date: Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 3:38 PM

Subject: Fwd: Gershon Silver radio ad

To: Asher Lipner <lipnera@gmail.com> 


Dear all,


Please listen to this radio ad that is playing on local radio in New York.  Nebach, it took someone who has suffered, and who is not a well known leader to do this.  He is a real leader in Klal Yisroel, as is UOJ, the grandson of Reb Shragga Feivel Mendlowitz and Vicki Polin of The Awareness Center and the Rabbis of the Jewish Board of Advocacy. 


As for our communal rabbinic "leadership," they should be ashamed of themselves. 


Just as Yosef will be waiting after 120 years to answer to those who say "We had too big a yetzer harah" and Hillel for those who say "We were too poor to study Torah," etc. so too will these shining examples be a testimony for all those in Klal Yisroel who cloak themselves in the Kavod of leadership but did nothing to protect Jewish children.  They will say "We did not know what to do".  "We were not able to understand the pain".  "We had no way of stopping the epidemic".  Their excuses will not wash.


But it is never too late to do a "tikkun ha'avar" in the words of the Nasi of the Moetzes Gedolei Yisroel.  Let us hope and pray that our rabbanim and leaders follow the example of Survivors for Justice and begin to lead us in the right direction.





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From: Hella Winston <hellawinston@nyc.rr.com>

Date: Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 2:56 PM

Subject: Gershon Silver radio ad







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From: Vicki Polin <vickipolin@aol.com>

Date: Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 12:12 AM

Subject: Regarding Amy Neustein




Regarding Amy Neustein

June 24, 2009





Please Note:  This is a case of alleged stalking, emotional/psychological child abuse and neglect. As of May 27, 2005 there has never been any allegations of a sex crime.



The controversy surrounding Amy Neustein is not new.  It's a case which has been in the news media for over twenty years. 


Over the last several weeks The Awareness Center has been contacted by several individuals who advocate for the rights of those who have been abused as children.  The calls are regarding the fact that we have Amy Neustein up on our site, and that we have not been promoting Neustein's book.  I am sending out the following message to make our stance public.  


 The Awareness Center has been advocating for the civil rights of Amy Neustein's daughter for several years (which includes her daughter's right to privacy).


The Awareness Center believes that each and every rabbi, therapist, victim advocate, parent, survivor, friend of survivors, etc.,  needs to do everything in our power to protect the civil rights of those who have been emotionally, psychologically, physicallly and sexually abused.  This includes cases in which there is only one known "alleged" victim from an alleged offender.



In honor of Neustein's daughter, The Awareness Center will not promote Amy Neustein or any of her books.   We stand firm in our belief that we all must do what we can to protect her daughter from any more harm.    It is important to note that The Awareness Center is aware of other books which will be published in the near future, that also deals with sexual abuse within the Jewish orthodox world.  The topic is not exclusive to Amy Neustein.


To learn more about the case of Amy Neustein, please go to:  http://theawarenesscenter.org/neustein_amy.html



Vicki Polin


The Awareness Center (the international Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault)


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Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2009, 3:42 PM










 6/25   STATEN ISLAND        7:00-9:30 PM                                                  


6/25   LITTLE NECK           10:00AM – 12:30 PM


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 Blessed Sacrament Parish Center Meeting Room


30 Manor Road


Staten Island, NY 10310


Parking & Entrance on Green Leaf Avenue side of the Church


When: Thursday, June 25th from 7—9:30 pm


Cost: Free—This training is Underwritten by a Grant Made possible by


the New York City Council


 The Samuel Field Y


58-20 Little Neck Parkway , Little Neck , NY 11362


When: Thursday Morning, June 25th from 10 am—12:30 pm,


Thursday Afternoon, June 25th from 1:30pm –4pm




Tuesday Morning, June 30th from 10am—12:30pm


Cost: Free—This training is Underwritten by a Grant Made possible by


New York City Council Member Tony Avella


Queens Borough Hall—Room 213 (Part 1)


120-55 Queens Blvd, Kew Gardens , NY


When: Monday, June 29th from 10 am—12:30 pm


Cost: Free—This training is Underwritten by a Grant Made possible by


the New York City Council



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Subject: [jewishadvocates] Fwd: Can you say sexism? - (Israel) Shas MK: Female troops must behave

To: jewishadvocates@yahoogroups.com


People, how much more chilul hashem will we tolerate?  The non-frum knesset members have to remind the Charedi that it is not a compliment to sexually harras a woman and that it is not the womans fault for behaving badly when she is harrassed.  Is there any wonder we have so much molestation?  Do we have any "normal" leaders left at all in Orthodoxy?  And the whole Charedi society allows this with nary a comment.  They will scream and riot about parking lots on shabbos, and gay marches of non frum jews.  But so called frum jews get a free pass to do "Kol Davar Assur".  Something's gotta give, Raboysay.  Something's gotta give. 


Shas MK: Female troops must behave


Shas MK Zeev stirs row during Knesset discussion on sexual harassment in military

Yael Branovsky

YNET - June 24, 2009



Shas Knesset Member Nissim Zeev stirred a row at the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women Tuesday after making some controversial comments in respect to female soldiers.


 During a discussion on sexual harassment in the army, MK Zeev said female troops must be instructed so they know "how to behave." Later he said that while some female soldiers would interpret certain acts as sexual harassment, others would view them as a compliment.


MK Orit Zuaretz (Kadima,) who engaged in a heated exchange with Zeev over his statements, later told Ynet: "There must be a red line. A public official has great responsibility when he says something."


"There are very clear definitions of sexual harassment," she said. "The responsibility for sexual harassment must be entirely attributed to the harassers."


According to figures presented during the meeting, about 360 women complain about sexual harassment in the army every year. However, according to anonymous polls, tens of thousands of women have been subjected to sexual harassment in the military.


Following the meeting, Likud MK Tzipi Hotovely told Ynet that the gap between the official figures and anonymous reports is "intolerable."


 "The IDF must make every effort to prevent and minimize this phenomenon," she said.


Turning her attention to MK Zeev's comments, Hotovely said: "It's very important not to turn the victims into the guilty parties…among other things, I noted that as a religious person he must keep in mind that Jewish law forbids sexual harassment in order to maintain a woman's dignity."